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Toon Boom Studio 6.0

Animation software studio for professionals

Toon Boom Studio is an animation tool that lets you bring your images to life on your PC. View full description


  • 5 different animation methods
  • Supports 3D backgrounds
  • Auto lip-syncing feature
  • Lots of output formats


  • A bit complex for beginners

Very good

Toon Boom Studio is an animation tool that lets you bring your images to life on your PC.


Toon Boom Studio enables professional animators to create rich, eye-catching animations for video, websites, television, film, games, mobile devices, e-learning applications and much more. It should be clear from the start that this is strictly a professional application although the developers do offer a more basic version of Toon Boom Studio for beginners.


Toon Boom Studio allows you to import media such as templates, movies and photos in SWF, AI, PSD, JPEG, TGA and GIF format. The aim of the studio is to make animation on your PC as natural as drawing with pen and paper.

You can bring life to your animations with sound (in WAV, AIFF, MP3 format). To make things look more realistic, there's a lip sync analyzer to make sure your characters lip-sync in time.

There are also zoom in and out features, the ability to create 3D spaces and to scale and rotate your creations until they're exactly right. Export formats are fairly flexible too including Flash (SWF), QuickTime, DV Stream and AVI. The other big advantage that Toon Boom Studio offers is that you don't need to learn how to animate in Flash to use it.

Toon Boom Studio is a powerful and flexible professional animation packages that should make your creations come to life.


  • Convenient Skeleton Effect Layer in the timeline
  • Useful Bone Level for segmenting and animating the character
  • Easy setting of rotation, length and position of the bones
  • Practical manipulation of the bones in the timeline
  • Fast transformation of vector shapes
  • Impressive transformation of pixmap textures
  • More accurate region of influence to move objects
  • Smart reuse of Bone templates on several characters
  • Real-time preview of Bone Effect
  • Full QuickTime export of Bone Effect
  • Fast SWF export of Bone effect (Vector shapes only)
  • Several software improvements and bug fixes

Toon Boom Studio is the complete animation software solution to quickly create eye-catching animations. The product has been used to produce many of the finest animations in recent times, including Looney Tunes: Back in Action, The Rugrats, and SpongeBob The Movie.

The latest release, V3 enables users to easily build animations the cut-out way - select artworks from existing libraries and animate using motion paths. Toon Boom Studio V3 brings significant improvements to animation keyframing, asset reuse and lip synchronization -- empowering artists to make better animations.

In addition, V3 offers a simplified user interface with Drawing and Sceneplanning in one single unified mode. With each release, Toon Boom Studio is injected with powerful new features that will help you make the most of your talents and your time.

Toon Boom Studio


Toon Boom Studio 6.0

— User reviews — about Toon Boom Studio

  • Crazyweirdogirl

    by Crazyweirdogirl

    "i made a bouncing ball animation the tools are very awesome."

    i made a bouncing ball animation and the tools are awesome. and ican animate any animate anything i want. More.

    reviewed on March 14, 2017

  • sydney.massingill

    by sydney.massingill

    "Toon Boom Studio is difficult to understand, and therefore needs a tutorial"

    Like any new animation software, using for the first time is difficult. I have had trouble understanding the tools and t... More.

    reviewed on January 28, 2014